Anatoli Smorin

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Anatoli Smorin
Anatoli Smorin shortly after the signing announcement
Tampa Bay Devil Rays - No. 7
Center Fielder
Born: September 5, 1996 (age 21)

Foligno, Perugia, Italy

Bats/Throws Left/Left
MLR Debut
Session 4 of the 2017/18 season for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays
NABA Statistics (through S2S9)
Batting Average .273
Hits 3
Home runs 0
Runs batted in 0
On-base percentage .333
User Information
Reddit Username u/therealliebz
Discord ID # #0795

Anatoli Smorin (born September 5, 1996) is an American professional fake baseball Center Fielder for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays of Major League Redditball. He was picked up via free agency after Session 2 of Season 2

Early Life[edit]

Smorin was born in Foligno, Perugia in Italy. Smorin's father, Stefano Smorin, was a well known Fake Soccer forward in the early 90s, famous for spitting on the ball whenever he took a penalty shot. When Stefano Smorin found out his firstborn was going to be a son, he began preparing to teach him to play soccer. Unfortunately, Anatoli Smorin was born with a rare birth defect, which switched his feet. Meaning, what should have been his right foot, was now his left foot, and vice versa. After consulting many well-known doctors during the child's early years in life, Stefano Smorin was told that while his child may become athletic, playing soccer would be extremely difficult due to his switched feet. Hearing this and knowing how much ridicule Anatoli would get from the other Italian soccer-playing children, Stefano decided to move to America, where no one gives a shit about soccer.

Smorin spent the rest of his childhood and adolescence in Boston, Massachusetts, watching some great sports teams of the times, including the curse defeating Boston Red Sox. It was that team that inspired Smorin to persue Fake Baseball wholeheartedly.

Early Career[edit]

Smorin, who was eligible to play in Session 3 of Season 2 of Major League Redditball, missed his first chance at a debut due to a family emergency. Rumors are that his father became horribly sick and needed immediate attention. Whitt Bass, upon hearing the situation, decided the best course of action would be to put Smorin on the hiatus list.

2017/18 Season[edit]

Session 4[edit]

Smorin started his first game as a member of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays playing center field and batting leadoff. As excited as he was to debut, he did not play very well, only making a few defensive plays and never reaching base as a batter. Even though he never managed to reach base, he did make consistent contact with the ball, grounding out three times. He'll look to rebound in the next game he plays.

Session 5[edit]

While Smorin looked to rebound, he did exactly the opposite in session 5 of the 2017/18 season. He started in center field again but batted 7th, as opposed to batting lead-off, which he did in his debut. For the second game in a row, Smorin did not reach base. A part of his playing is impressive, however, as he now has grounded out in 5 straight at-bats. Smorin was available after the game for comments on this streak. "That's not on my mind at all. It's not helping my team score runs, and that's what matters most when I'm at the plate. So, no, I'm not looking to continue that streak."

Session 6[edit]

With Smorin struggling at the plate, Whitt Bass decided to send Smorin to the newly created ECO team Montgomery Biscuits to work on his swing. Batting leadoff for the game, he went 2 for 3 with a double, a run scored, and caught stealing. He was caught stealing late in the game running from first to second in an attempt to eliminate a double play scenario and also put himself in scoring position. That attempt, unfortunately, did not work out for him as he was thrown out by the pitcher. Despite recording his first fake baseball hits, they do not count towards official stats because they occurred in the ECO league. Smorin will, however, look to take the successes of his time in ECO to the majors when the Devil Rays look to take on the Red Sox in Session 7.

Session 7[edit]

In session 7, Smorin returned to major league action and, and he finally found some success at the plate. Batting 2nd against the Red Sox while playing his primary position, center field. In the first inning Smorin was able to smack a ground ball between the 1st and 2nd baseman for a single, getting his first official hit in the MLR. He then was the first out in an inning ending double play. A similar thing happened later in the game, smacking a line drive ground ball right back at the pitcher, hard enough to reach first, but not any farther. Smorin ended the game two for three in a game that ended 12 to 5, in favor of the Red Sox.

Session 8[edit]

Session 8 started with Smorin sitting out of both ECO as well as the major league team, who were on the road against the Oakland Athletics. After a player was almost a no show, however, Smorin was substituted in as a pinch hitter, only to strike out for his first time this season. Smorin was then inserted into the game as a center fielder, moving Basebally McBaseballface to right field, his primary position. The game for the Devil Rays was a struggle, being shut out for 5 innings. In the top of the 6th inning, with one out, Smorin smacked a single through the middle of the field. His teammate, Robin Reynolds would end up bringing him home on a 2-out double for the Devil Rays only run of the game. The game ended 1-2 Oakland winning.

Session 9[edit]

Session 9 was a long season for the Devil Rays. They beat the Detroit Tigers, but were not able to finish the game, having it called during the bottom of the 5th inning. Smorin had an extremely interesting day. In his first at bat, following a Kenneth Moore homerun, Smorin hit a bomb that looked like it would clear the fences. Due to some strange black magic, however, the ball disappeared and reappeared just in front of home plate, slowly rolling. It was picked up, and Smorin was out at 1st. In Smorin's next at bat, he didn't even get a chance to swing as the pitcher took too long, and Smorin was Auto-walked. He eventually came around to score on a 3-run homerun by teammate Juan Diego De Las Rosas.


As of the start of Season 2, Session 10

2017 5 12 11 3 0 0 0 2 0 1 1 0 .273 .333 .273 .288

Accomplishments and Notable Events[edit]

Fun Facts[edit]

  • Smorin has never seen the inside of a baseball.
  • A four sport athlete in high school, Smorin stuck with baseball through college over bowling, golf, and badminton.
  • Smorin was born in Italy, but since moving to the United States, he hasn't spoken Italian except to his father.
  • If Smorin ever eats his hair, it grows back on his torso.