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Renovated in 2017
  • Astrodome (2017-present)
Other Nicknames
8th Wonder of the World
MLR Titles
Paper Cup titles (0) None
American League Pennants (0) None
West Division titles (0) None
Wild card berths (0) None

The Houston Astros are an American professional fake baseball franchise based in Houston, Texas They are in Major League Redditball's American League, and are one of the twelve Inaugural teams in the league. They were created by GM B.S. Bear

2017 & On[edit]

Before the start of the 2017 season, Astros management decided it was time to return to the Astrodome. Renovations were completed in record time, and the Astros moved back into the 8th Wonder of the World. A brewery was added behind center field, What-a-Burger was available at all levels, and the re-inaugural season at the Astrodome opened to a sell out crowd.