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Peter Peckershine

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Peter Peckershine
Peckershine in 1913
Houston Astros - No. 48
Right Field
Born: April 1, 1898 (age 119* see notes)

Pottsville, Pennsylvania

Bats/Throws Right/Right
MLR Debut
Season 2 Session 2 (vs BAL) 1 for 3
MLR Statistics (through S2S4)
Batting Average .625
At Bats 8
Hits 5
Runs 2
Home runs 1
Runs batted in 7
On-base percentage .625
User Information
Reddit Username u/Mobbin
Discord ID # #6646

Peter Peckershine (born April 1, 1898) is an American professional fake baseball Right Fielder for the Houston Astros of Major League Redditball. Acquired from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays via trade prior to session 7 of season 2.

Personal Life[edit]

Peckershine was born in Pottsville, Pennsylvania in 1898 to Harry and Harriet Peckershine. Raised on a chicken farm he honed his skills by being the family cock herder. His speed was unmatched in his early years, but over time his addiction to 3¢ candy bars proved his downfall. By 1910 he had topped 250 pounds and his career was on the brink. Seeking improvement, he had to turn to his only friend, the great Ty Cobb. Cobb was able to help Peckershine utilize his hips and large gut to slap line drives into the gap. Perkershines quick bat and surprising consistency made him a serviceable Right Fielder.

During the height of World War 1 Peckershine needed money to help fuel his addiction to candy bars. He ended up being hired for a experimental military test, code named "Snickers", to teleport people directly to the front lines. This would be a huge advantage for the Allies if they could pull it off. The results of the test actually did something far more impressive. Peckershine was teleported, to the future.

He appeared in the year 2017. He was 18 years old with just a dollar to his name and an outdated vocabulary. All he knew, was baseball.

Early Career[edit]

Peckershine was lucky enough to standout among the crowd of hopeful prospects and land a job with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. They game had changed, but his swing was still the same. During his debut (S2S2 vs BAL) he was able to go 1 for 3.

Session 6 became Perckershines coming out party when he went 2 for 2 with a double, grand slam, and 6 RBI's. The performance earned him Player of the Session honors.

After a hot start the Devil Rays decided they needed to cash in on Peckershines value to add to their pitching depth. He was traded, along with Methuselah Satlalamacchia, to the Houston Astros for Willoughby Hoose and Dog Man.


As of Season 2, Session 6

2017 4 9 8 5 1 0 1 2 7 1 0 0 .625 .625 1.125

Accomplishments and Notable Events[edit]

  • First person to time travel.
  • Once hit a home run while having two Snickers bars in his mouth.
  • Signed a major league deal with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  • Session 6 Player of the Session with a 2 for 2, 2B, HR, and 6 RBI game.
  • Prior to session 7 Peter was traded to the Houston Astros.


  • Perckershine, although born in 1898, is only 18 years old due to his time traveling event in 1916.