Pretzels Poffenberger

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Pretzels Poffenberger
  • Colorado Rockies GM (2017-present)
  • Pretzels James Poffenberger
  • November 8, 1980
  • Denver, Colorado
PLR/MLR Titles and Awards
Paper Cups (0) None
Gold Pennants (0) None
Silver Pennants (0) None
Bronze Pennants (0) None
GM of the Year (0) None

Pretzels James Poffenberger (born November 8, 1980) is the General Manager of the Fake Colorado Rockies. He was born in and grew up around Denver and graduated college at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. Poffenberger had success as a college coach at Colorado State. When the MLR looked to expand to include the PLR, the PLR commissioner J.A. Bird approached Poffenberger about starting an expansion team, Poffenberger accepted and was hired on November 8, 2017 as the first GM of the Colorado Rockies. Before the PLR could play it's first game, it merged with the MLR.


A Chat with New Colorado Rockies GM Pretzels Poffenberger (Jack Bing)