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San Diego Padres

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San Diego Padres
SanDiego Padres.png
Established in 2018
  • San Diego Padres (2018-present)
Other Nicknames
Dads, Friars
MLR Titles
Paper Cup titles (0) None
National League Pennants (0) None
West Divisio titles (0) None
Wild card berths (0) None

The San Diego Padres are an American professional fake baseball franchise based in San Diego, California. They are in Major League Redditball's National League, and are one of the ten Expansion Teams in the league. They were created by local crazed lunatic AJ Preller.

2018 season[edit]

At the announcement of the expansion draft order, there would be a flurry of changes in the roster order, AJ Preller fought for various spots of leverage and would manage to secure two second-round draft picks. They would select the highly rated Rambo McFly as their first-round pick. In the second round, they took Cannonball Dickerson and Lim Tincecum. The third round saw them select Midoriya Izuku. Then they would have some time off due to some trading of picks. Leading to the pickup of Dwendle Van Hammersmith in the sixth round. In the seventh round, they selected Kent Griffey III and C.J. Yantzi. In the eighth round, they selected Kyle Grimes Jr.. The 9th round saw Seth Hansen Come off the board. the 10th round saw Joe Watson and Forehead Jones go to the friars. Their Final pick was Catfish O'Acid. Rory Nipponsteer was acquired in a trade with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Sylvester Cinnamon and Aleister Xecutioner were acquired as free agents. Golly Mcoxbig Was signed to a minor league contract. From the beginning of the season, they were staring down the barrel of a dangerous adversary, the defending Paper cup champions the Philadelphia Phillies. The first hit of the Padres History turned out to be a big one, with the 1st round pick Rambo McFly Depositing the ball over the wall, sending the Padres to their earliest lead. Lim Tincecum was cruising, throwing 3 shutout innings. Then in the top of the 4th Forehead Jones Goes deep, sending the Padres up to a 2-0 lead. In the bottom of the inning, the Phillies score off of a sacrifice fly, and a single, before Lim gets out of the jam. Going into the 5th it was 2-2. Heading into the bottom of the inning, the defending champs hit a resounding home run off the Padres starter, leading to Tincecums exit, and the Debut of Kyle Grimes Jr. Who puts up a 1-2-3 inning with a strikeout. The Padres would be unable to capitalize or retaliate as they lose to the defending Paper Cup Champions. The home opener of the San Diego Padres Saw Lim Tincecum Toe the rubber for his 2nd start of the Padres campaign. He faced off against the Pittsburgh Pirates Starter. The Padres looked strong, as Rory Nipponsteer Blasts one to centerfield, scoring Catfish O'Acid, and sending the Padres to an early 2-0 Lead. Then in the bottom of the 2nd, Forehead Jones Puts one in the stratusphere, scoring two runners and sending the Padres to a commanding 5-0 lead. But they weren't done yet, as Catfish O'Acid Hits a dinger of his own, and sending the Pirates starter to the showers. In the top of the Third, a runner scores on a single, but Tincecum finds a way to get out of the bases loaded, no one out jam. He would avoid giving up more than one run to two bases-loaded situations. As they go into the bottom of the 4th, the Pirates elect to use a position player to pitch, rather than use up their other starter, the Padres are annoyed, and show it when Joe Watson Blasts a pitch that was right down the middle. This was Lim's game to finish, and finish the game he would. Getting the Complete Game win, giving up 9 Hits, 1 Earned run, 3 Walks, and 6 Strikeouts.

2018 Roster[edit]

As of the 2018 season, Session 3

1st 2nd 3rd
Starters Lim Tincecum Smokey KG Sylvester Cinnamon --

Position Players
Position Starter Secondary Tertiary
Catcher C.J. Yanzi Aleister Xecutioner
First Baseman Forehead Jones Cannonball Dickerson --
Second Baseman Seth Hansen
Third Baseman Midoriya Izuku
Shortstop Dwendle Van Hammersmith Catfish O' Acid
Left fielder Rambo McFly
Center fielder Kent Griffey III Joe Watson
Right fielder Rory Nipponsteer