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Joey Powers
Joey Powers Presser.jpg
Powers at his first Press Conference
Born: January 1st, 1995

Oshawa, Ontario

Bats/Throws Left/Left
MLR Debut
Session 1 of the 2nd season for the St. Louis Cardinals
NABA Statistics (through S1S7)
Innings Pitched 1.2
Wins 0
Earned Run Average 10.80
Strike Outs 2
Walks 2
User Information
Reddit Username /u/tcsprops
Discord ID # N/A

Joey "The Truck" Powers (born January 1st, 1995) is a Canadian fake baseball pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals of Major League Redditball (MLR). Powers entered the league undrafted, electing to sign for the St. Louis Cardinals over offers from the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres. He pitched for Trinity College School, a prep academy in Port Hope, Canada and then later for the LSU Tigers of the Luisiana State University, Baton Rouge.

Although he plays fake baseball left-handed, he is usually right-handed; fake baseball is "the only thing he does left-handed".

On January 26, 2018, Powers was banned for life by the MLR.


Powers was born in Oshawa, which is in Durham Region, Ontario. His father, Arty Powers was a professional trucker, and routinely was absent in Joey's formative years as he spent countless nights on the 401, Trans Canada Highway, as well as numerous United States interstate highways. As Arty's job moved south of the border, the Powers family followed with a move just south of Lake Ontario to the bustling city of Syracuse. It was here that Joey was first introduced to the sport of fake baseball. At 8 years old near his northern New York home, his mother Arleen Powers remembers how he would wander out to the local golf course to unleash his powerful left arm. As he got older, his father would drive him more than 200 miles each way on the I-90 to Boston where there was more competition. As a teenager, he attended Trinity College School, located just a short drive away from his childhood home in Port Hope. Upon graduation from Trinity, he decided to accept a full ride scholarship and attended the Louisiana State University.


The Truck[edit]

When contemplating the team he would sign for, Powers ultimately thought of his yearnings to drive a truck just like his dad, Arty Powers. He describes his reflection and vision in the following quote: "When I was growing up I saw my dad driving a truck. I wanted to drive a truck for the rest of my life. But when I grew up I realized that I did not want to drive any truck for my entire life. I only want to drive one kind of truck. And that truck belongs to the St. Louis Cardinals."


Joey had a late arrival to the Cardinals clubhouse as he needed to take the time to drive his brand new truck up from Louisiana. Before his arrival, his teammate George Ewell asked for a comment on which jersey number Powers would elect to take. Joey sent ahead of him this comment, recognizing the symbolism in his decision: "My fellow teammates, I am a huge believer in symbolism. The number you wear day in and day out must mean something to your heart and your soul. Sydney Crosby wears #87 to represent his birthday. Gilbert Arenas wore #0 to represent the number of minutes outsiders expected him to play in college. Eddie Gaedel wore #1/8 to represent the fact he was a man with dwarfism. So I too choose a number to wear today, #1, to represent the one truck that will drive our team of destiny to our one goal: a Paper Cup Championship."

Professional career[edit]

St. Louis Cardinals[edit]

Season 2[edit]

Powers was signed by GM Jeff Steelflex on November 21st, 2017. He made his debut in a rocky relief outing during Session 1 against the Washington Nationals.



2017 1.2 3 3 4 0 2 2 10.80 3.60 7.20